client trust

What is the meaning of trust? Well looking it up it has the definition of “having a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”. Trusting someone means that you think they are capable of being dependable, you tend to have self-reliance in them, and you feel secure with that individual physically and emotionally. trust is something that individuals form towards one another. you can’t mandate or prove trust. Being able to trust someone is your choice you make. 

In the process of building relationships with clients is trust. It is a major fundamental to have between you and the client. In today’s society, it difficult to gain trust as it is. Why? Because there is a lot of un-trustworthy people, and businesses out there that have broken multiple trust chances with clients. Restoring trust will be a difficult path to do. We are all human, we are not made perfect, all of us have made many mistakes throughout our lives, we’ve all let others down, and even worse we’ve all let ourselves down at some point doing something you know you shouldn’t have. Acting in a way below your standards, It takes a lot to realize on the mistakes that have been made or said. Being able to confront yourself and explain on the mistake that has been made takes a lot of courage. It is better too “man up to your mistake” showing that you care about that other individual.

In the book of the geek leader’s handbook, it contributes advise to restore trust after it has been broken. It gives a brief description about how to do so in 8 helpful steps. 1st is be to be prepared, 2ndis to get the facts on what is being informed, 3rdis to create feelings in-order to show empathy, 4this to acknowledge them you got it covered, 5this to discuss the facts on the problem, 6thframe the problem, 7this to handle the feelings in a controlled manner, 8this finally handle the problem that is produced. In these eight helpfully ways can restore trust, but the main one that is not being informed in this chapter that I think should be is accountability. Taking accountability is taking action on the result that is not reached which did not have the gratification of the other individual. Only the minority hold themselves accountable because they acknowledge their mistakes, but they don’t let them become a virus that spreads throughout the rest of their life. 

Lately I’ve implemented accountability in my life, I admit to my mistakes and address the problem with the reason I have behind it. It has influenced me to become a better person by being able to show that I care of the mistake I have made. This will stay in my life on how I get confronted, or I confront myself towards others that mistakes and misunderstands that have been made. “reasons come first, answers comes second”