Client Trust

Trust. That is one colossal issue that is not just in personal life, or in the world, it is also in the workplace with all of the clients that walk through your doors! That is part of the deal that a business makes with a client that they get. You want your client to trust you with matters that involve their business. This way, you can make one client happy and hopefully, this can get you more business by keeping that client, and the referrals that you could get. You as a business representative, make that connection, that relationship with the client so that you can do business with them and establish that trust that you so desperately need from them. Now, what happens when that trust somehow goes down the drain? What happens when the trust is broken by a mistake or something else that could cause this horrible scenario? Well, there are several sources that say that there are some steps that people can take, or there is some advice to be given.

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The first step in a lot of things, but especially in restoring the trust that went down the toilet in the first place, is to be prepared. You must be prepared in a lot of different areas, such as preparing for possible repressions from the unhappy client, for possible environmental issues that could get in the way, and for yourself, the criticism that you will get from the client. Businesses always should be prepared for criticism from literally anyone, especially the client. You should also care, because if you don’t care what so ever about a client, then you will more than likely not have one soon.

The next thing that you should be getting figured out is what is really true, and what is just emotion, and not the good kind. The client that you are serving is going to upset and feel a certain way, you need to put yourself in their shoes, and then figure out how they feel, and how you can fix it. You have to be patient and actually listen to their needs and make sure that the solution gets solved in some way, and that this communicated. After you figure out what the client is thinking about the situation and their feelings on it all, you should also let your client know that you understand why they are upset and that you are trying to make sure that you understand what went wrong in their eyes.

Finding out about the problem and then fixing the problem is always a big factor in rebuilding the trust that has been trashed. You will have to handle it, and in the most apologetic way that you can without faking it. Show the very hurt client that you are very sorry for whatever happened, that you care about the situation and their feeling toward it, and share what your feelings are towards the situation, as long as they are appropriate. Once you express how sorry you are about the indecent and how it made you feel, then begin to fix it and work on it to make sure that the errors are gone for the most part.

I think that we all know that if a business partner was responding to the problem at hand like this, we would feel a little bit better than we would if we could obviously tell that they were just faking it, or they really did not care. With me wanting to be in a business and working with people, I think that even before I read this chapter in The Geek Leader’s Handbook that I would already want to make sure that the client knew that I was there for them, even if they don’t trust me. I would want to ensure them that whatever the problem was, I will find some way to fix it, because if you don’t care enough about your clients to take this kind of a matter seriously, or you don’t care enough about the client in general, then why are you working with them. Business people need to keep this in mind so that they don’t loose valuable clients and then get a bad reputation on their name from word of mouth on the clients end. This way the business stays afloat, from you treating your clients as proprieties, making sure that the problem is solved, and expressing that you really are sorry about the indecent and that you will do whatever you can to fix it.