“How Do You Use This Newfangled Smart Phone?”

I don’t really have any experience to talk about when it comes to talking with clients. I currently don’t work for a place that really needs to talk to people about new technologies. So I started thinking about new technologies and how I show people in my family new stuff that comes out and I realized that my grandma always has me fix her stuff every time I come back home. If it’s broken, we get her a new thing or we update it or whatever to get it fixed. This means that the items can change sometimes and she has to relearn how to use it. It’s always my job than to teach her. so as it turns out I do have some experience with this!

My grandma is a very stubborn lady. She had a flip phone for year and years and was convinced that she only wanted that one phone and that was that. Any time I would even mention that a smart phone existed, she would say “no”. I wasn’t really understanding things. I knew she could use it and it would help her get things done much faster. She was still texting with T9.

So she got an HP laptop years and years ago. All she needed it for was to check her email and watch video of cute animals on YouTube every once in a while. Now she probably bought this computer in 2008. It has been in our house time and time again because it kept breaking. She would accidentally download and install a virus or it would get to the point that it was too slow to even open internet explorer. I had been trying for years to get her to just get something else. One day, I showed her my iPad mini I was using for school at the time and she fell in love. She wanted to know everything about it! It was weird watching her, the woman who hated iPhones with a passion, using my iPad. It’s literally the exact same operating system. Just a different shape. That’s when I realized that I was trying to convince her to use something that I thought was useful for the things I wanted to do with it but she had a totally different use case. I was too focused on the technology. I wasn’t really looking at how sh would sue it. Once I showed her the mail app and Safari, she had practically bought one already.

She had been using her iPad for a while when her phone broke. I don’t remember what happened to it but she needed a new one. I conveniently mentioned that they made tiny iPads that would also call people. Next thing we knew she had an iPhone. She still won’t check the email on her phone, she says that’s what her iPad is for. All I had to do was first, wait for the right time. She was ready to get something new. Even though her old laptop was extremely slow, she said it was perfectly fine for what she needed. Second, I needed to show her something that was similar to what she knew so she had something to compare it to. Third, I needed to show her the things she wanted to do with it. I could have sown her how I could play games on it but she wouldn’t care. She wanted to check her email quickly and efficiently and that’s what it did!

In conclusion, I learned a good lesson that day! Try to come to people at their level. They are a lot more receptive that way. Especially when it comes to things they don’t know a whole lot about.