Influence and Power

Dealing with power struggles is something that every person should be attuned to whether it be at work, with friends, teachers, or anybody for that matter. How you deal with these moments can effect your own power and the ability to influence other people. But how can these two things be used together to form a bond that can last as long as time? Keeping your employees in check without abusing your power, influencing their demeanor through being a positive role model. Those are just two of the ways that you could be an effective leader and use your power and influence in a good way.

My experience has taught me that there are many bad influences and some good. Most of the time growing up you are influenced by your parents, your religion, your friends, and what you see in the media. These things can shape and mold you into whatever person those people tend to be. Now there are cases where these outside influences do nothing and you can formulate your own ideals, but that is rare as a child. When you are an adult though how are you going to use the things you learned as a child to effectively lead people and be a positive form of authority without abusing the power you may have.

The first step to positive usage is to understand power and authority, no matter whether your consideration is based on own usage or that of your subordinates.(Larsen) Understanding what power is and the potential dangers it could harbor can bring in the perspective of those that may be under you. Take my case for example, I learned while working at walmart that there are good and bad managers. Some of them use their words and threats to try and get what they want, while others direct their power in a more positive example. My assistant manager Arthur was very good at this, he would tell us if certain deadlines were not hit that there could be trouble. (The tone in his voice was more human than someone ordering you around.) This kind of treatment made us acknowledge the issue and we could work on it. The manager who just ordered us around made us not want to listen and talk back because we were not being treated as human beings.

Being glad for others for most of us is quite easy.  It’s great to see people doing well.Showing you’re glad means actively helping them to celebrate their successes.(Lattimer) Now being a good influence can come in many forms, but the gist of it is, is to be a good example outside and inside the workplace. Having good habits and showing empathy can be a good way to influence others. For me being relatable is the easiest way I can influence someone, talking and explaining that there are issues that we both can relate to makes that person more comfy, and more willing to listen to what I say.

Finally, do you have what it takes to be a positive role model in your workplace, or even in your life? If you were to ask your friends what they thought about you in that aspect would they think you were a positive influence or a negative one. For me I would probably be classified as both, but that would be dependent on who you asked. But most of these things are straightforward, don’t abuse your power to rule out of fear, that turns away any opportunity to influence anybody in a positive way. I think I can sum up these two things with just a few sentences, be a human being, show compassion to those who may need it, and be a genuine person. This will lead to a healthier life for you, and the people around you.