Influence Deficit

The power of influence can be a good thing and or a bad thing just by the way that you use it. Most people are better than others and why Geeks are lack influence in their organizations especially in I T. And how you can overcome it and make sure you would be able to Influence others.

First, you should always have a positive influence on your life if you ever want to influence others. Carefully examine why you put certain events, cultural practices, places or people in the “Positive Influences” list. Did they teach you something? When you think back on these items, do they bring a smile to your face? Do you feel rested? Enabled? Inspired? These are the things that have shaped your positive attitude and your feelings of self-worth. And for a geek tend not to look for like: in the human realms of humans relationship, trust, and empathy. The primary reason for it is that geeks don’t know the difference between influence and power. Geeks fail to cultivate the preconditions for being influentials. Geeks try to use techniques that are more suited to salespeople than geeks.

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We need to understand what makes a person open to being influenced by someone else. you are competent enough to help me in this domain. You are on my side. But this single-minded focus on competence has disastrous results. Because in the truth, if the person you want to influence doesn’t think you’re on his side than it doesn’t matter what he thinks of your competence. The things that you might say, that absurd. how could they doubt my commitment?

As you can see after all this reducing resistance to influence on both sides of the relationship, you’re finally ready to do what you set out to do. because you would have the knowledge to know what to do and how to do it. Make something better by putting a little effort into it.