Influence the World

Watch the pocket watch. You are becoming sleepy. Now sleep. When you wake up, you will believe that you are a chicken. You may stop when I say so. Now wake up.

Hypnosis is kind of a weird topic in the world of psychology but nonetheless it is a great example of influence. When a person is hypnotized, they become more likely to believe things someone says. If you tell them that they should ask like a duck, they will quack. They would believe with all their heart that they should act like a duck. On the other hand if you tell them to do something that their conscious self wouldn’t do, for instance hurt themselves in some way, they won’t do it. You are only able to influence the person. You don’t have power over them to make them do what they don’t want to do. You can just lightly push them in the direction you want.

A man known by most who knew him as someone who could almost hypnotize everyone around him was, of course, Steve Jobs. He was able to change the minds of people around with with just a look. His crazy abilities to manipulate everyone around him as if they were hypnotized are well known as one of his skills.