It Pays to be a Softie -Peter Binder

I had never heard the term “soft skills” before this class, but I’ve always known what they are I just didn’t know the exact term. The definition of soft skills according to ResumeGenius are traits or interpersonal aptitudes that affect your ability to work and interact with others. Soft skills are WAY more important than a lot of people give them credit for since they affect how people view you and if they’ll want to work with you again in the future. I found a list of the most important soft skills right now, and they are:

Communication, organization, teamwork, always punctual, critical thinking, social skills, creativity, interpersonal communication, adaptability, and friendly personality. These are all super important to not only land a job but to keep a job as well. I found another article that talked about some of the differences between soft and hard skills, and that’s super important to know. They said the key traits of soft skills are they’re useful across all industries, they come as natural abilities, and they relate to emotional intelligence (which is why a lot of nerds find soft skills infuriating). Hard skills, on the other hand, are industry-specific, they’re learned through training, and they’re based on technical knowledge.

Most people, including myself before this year, thought that you get a job purely based off of your skills and what you can make. Of course, they want someone that is qualified, but they’re looking for what kind of addition you’re going to be to their team. When I worked on the design team at Ibotta, they were going through the hiring process with a videographer and they had a multiple interview process. The first was to see the guys skills, but the second to was to see how he worked with the people on the creative team. They had him come along with them for a shoot, and thankfully for him he fit in really well and we were all able to talk and laugh with him, but if he hadn’t been so enjoyable and nice he probably (definitely) wouldn’t have gotten to the next stage of the hiring process. I know for a fact that a girl was fired a few months prior to me working there because she caused too much drama on the team and wasn’t turning all of her work in on time. She didn’t manage her time well and never joined in when they went on group outings or lunches, and so they let her go because she was making the team miserable. She was a great designer but my boss said that they much prefer someone with okay or good skills and a great personality rather than the other way around. You can teach someone how to use Photoshop, but you can’t teach them to not be a jerk.

Someone who has amazing soft skills is Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. She’s incredibly nice, a great leader, very self-motivated, communicates well with everyone she comes in contact with, is all about teamwork, and has great problem-solving skills. Most of all, she’s hyper-organized. She puts everything in binders and color codes everything so that people can find things quickly and easily. She makes everyone feel valued and like they are an important part of the team, and that’s what makes her such a great leader. People want to follow and respect someone that they get along with and someone that treats them with respect back. Leslie Knope is the best role model I could think of for this topic, and that’s I think what makes that show so hilarious and good-hearted. We all need to be more like Leslie Knope.