New Technology

Technology is a ever changing development for everyone even for your clients. This can be a good or bad thing for you , because sometime technology could fail and that one of the better ways of communicating with your client. other than face to face technology would play a big role for everyone.

Why most efforts to drives adoption fail

Its being to late most efforts to drive adoption are started after the roll out is complete and users are ready resisting the new systems.IT people are too focused on the technology. Too often , geeks think that the resistance is all about the technology. It ignores the importance of the experience. Users’s experiences are not the sum of the events.

There are ways to make your clients first contact experience should feel like. considered – people wants to feel important tonight to be thought about rather than overlooked. cared for- they want people at work to actually try to help them. Empower- People want to feel competent and in command of tools that help them do their jobs well . Respected at leaner- No one wants to be scoffed at when they are trying to to learn something new.

Plan ahead to avoid disasters, promote good feeling Given the unique situation of your users, the new technology, their history , their assumption about technology, and their feelings about IT, you’ll probably have some ideas that are specific to your situation. And that’s as it should be.

You should have a communication plan without communication how would even know what the client would want. confidence that if problems arise the team will be able to solve them quickly. Assurances that support is easy to find and get. The Day of first contact, user feel particularly fearful and vulnerable. so even if they don’t end up needing extra support.

As you can see Don’t resist change yourself. embrace the idea that driving technology adoption is key responsibility of the IT organization. All of your good technical work is no value.