New technology clients

In today’s generation, our technology is evolving. I’m talking about its growing rapidly. Due to new tech it is significant to wisely to understand its performance and it purpose on how it works. Everything we do includes technology, being able to constantly look at the newest and best technology out there to help clients to be efficient and spend their time doing what they do best and not embrace the norm. 

As new tech is being offered, it always the first impression that draws the attention to clients. Being able to focus on the new improve tech can change the way you work, the way you learn, and the way you develop social skills. How they do such things? Look at it this way, the way you work with previous tech can be efficient right? Like you understand how certain things work and what they do. But with new Technology, it can speed up the process how things can be accomplished. The difficult part is adapting to the new futures it is capable of. This is where you make room for improvement. By studying the new tech, you can identify the pro’s, and the cons. In this instance you are developing new skills that others might or will be struggling with that will be in need of guidance and help. However, being able to take the time to create understandings of tech can develop social skills to go out and help those who are struggling with the development of the updated tech that there are not used to. 

The things I have noticed is that the new generation know how to operate the new tech such as the iPhone, or the VR gaming system. I have a friend who has a younger brother that is 4 years old and knows how to operate a tablet and stream videos. I was sitting their scratching my head like how? Another thing is my younger sister, her first phone was the iPhone XR. First off, I don’t know how to work the iPhone without a home button. My little sister is operating the phone like she knew everything from the start showing me how it works. I was sitting there like “WOW”. She was doing a good technology to client introduction to me.  In my ways on helping people with technology is my mother. My mom came from Mexico, so she came not knowing how to do things besides cut hair. Well back in like 2015, my mother switched over to apple. She understood how to work androids, but man when it came to the iPhone, she was struggling with how to close out apps, how to work the touch ID, and how at operate the phone after every update so I’ll come over and help her understand on how such and such work on the iPhone. To understand the guidance of the help to my mother it was a good introduction technology to a client. 

Being able to learn new tech can be helpful to help new clients. Putting yourself in their shoes and guide them through their difficulties like how you were once can be a big role on making it easy for them to get an idea. So next time they are not understanding the function of the tech they can create solutions for problems that may or may not work, or have question prepared for the next time they are ready for your assistance. But one thing is to have patients with the client knowing it might be frustrating but remember its more about the client issue that is the bigger picture and being kind to show that you care for helping through their troubles.