Oh, the one thing that most, if not all, students, business people, and most of all, geeks Hate giving. It is the dreaded presentation. The one thing that gives us all anxiety and a nervous breakdown at the same time. This has even been classified as a fear. Yes, it is a fear by the name of Glossophobia, which translates to the fear of speaking in front of people. You may be asking yourself why this is such a big deal. Well presenting could mean many things depend on you, the presenter. This presentation could mean the merging of businesses, pitching a new idea to the head cheese in the company, or even asking for the funding of this huge project that you believe to be the answer to a companies problems. That is a lot on ones shoulders, and there are some out there that are not good with handling said pressure, which brings us to the reason that this is even classified as a fear. That, and the fact that about twenty five percent of people experience this particular engulfing fear.

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However, even though presenting in front of people absolutely Sucks, you do need to make sure that the presentation is done correctly and promptly. Luckily for those of you that are not good with getting up in front of people and talking, there are ways that you can make the presentation bob, and you won’t feel so bad. You will actually feel better about the whole topic of presentations, and not cringe internally when hearing the word. The Geek Leader’s Handbook helps us with this, as well as a few other sources.

First and foremost, we all need to get the negativity of of our minds! The fact that we think that we are not good speech givers, or that we will mess something up, or the worst thing ever: the what if’s. I feel like those kill everyone with just about anything. What if I don’t include this in what I say, what if I messed up on a slide, what if this, what if that. We are making ourselves have an anxiety attack over nothing. Once we get all those bad vibes out of our system, we have to figure out a plan for an outstanding presentation that will sell everyone in the room. We need to clarify a goal in order to do this. You need to be able to clearly state what you want to do/accomplish, or else it is back to the drawing board.

The next thing that needs to be done for this awesome presentation is to get into their heads. You basically have to understand their needs and wants, and you have to get on an emotional level, kind of. You have to put yourself in their shoes and make that sort of a connection so that they will have more of a want for whatever it is that you are presenting. Just, do not overload your audience with to much information. You do not want to put important people to sleep, or give them slide that they can read, because then what was the point of the presentation? Another tip that I saw was to keep an open mind. If you don’t then you could leave out more potential to your project and your presentation. You want to engage the people that you are presenting to so that, yes it is being said again, they don’t fall asleep. We do not want a bored audience!

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The last few things that you should follow through with, come in when you are writing the presentation. The presentation must include the following of making it to a language that everyone in the room can understand, and make it so that the audience can experience the change that you want to happen. For this to happen, you should consider thinking about how the audience wants to be talked to, which isn’t hard, and you should probably avoid handouts of any sort of the presentation. Again, what’s the point of the presentation, if I can just read through what you gave me? For getting to a more emotional side, tell a story, or an experience related to the topic, or give some insight as to different facts about the project. Give the crowd that light bulb moment. Lastly, while you are up there presenting, a few things to keep in mind would be to move around occasionally, and not just stand there awkwardly. Get comfortable talking to these people. Use a visual, or a scenario in there along with the story. Make it an interesting presentation so that your idea will actually be considered in the end. All in all, just keep your cool and follow these tips and guidelines, and hopefully, things might just go your way and the day will end just peachy.