Restoring client Trust

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Trust is something that everyone should have but restoring the trust is something different. If your client is unhappy, and you’ve got to do something. To get the trust back and make your client trust you. make clearly that you heard his facts and feelings

some of the time you are the reason that the client doesn’t trust is sometimes that you don’t trust yourself. and to trust yourself you’ll need to Recognize that all humans are comprised of “good” and “bad” parts. In other words, we’re flawed beings. Realize others cannot “get” you if you don’t get yourself. If you don’t fix it to make it better could cost you your client. the cost of losing the client future business from that client, business from those he would have referred to you, and business from those he tells about his unhappiness.

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the big thing about trust to me and gaining trust is communication you should all ways have that even if things are not going the way it should you keep trying if you really care about the person. NO matter how compelling your alternative model of the situation is, if you do not communicate it to the client powerfully, you will be ineffective at changing the client’s mental model. And the number one rule is to always Apologize for the thing that you did wrong. You should understand how they would feel if you were in their shoes. Show them that you really care about them and what you are working for which is them and not yourself.

As you can see everyone has ups and down in a relationship of any kind if it’s with you friend that you are working for or another person. you become more adept at restoring clients trust, you will start to recognize these painful things as a opportunities that they are. When you successfully navigate a rough patch with your clients, they will trust you even more.