Soft Skills

Soft skills are a resource that is developed over time, some of them are even formed at birth. These skills can be transferable to life and in the workplace. So how do we use these skills to create the ideal workplace and get along with coworkers? Would you work on communication skills, building team relations, being empathetic? Think of the different things that make you, you. What key skill do you find that you have that others do not excel at? Putting yourself out there and displaying a proportional amount of skills can merit you a higher chance at promotion and self development.

Coming from experience I have found that my proficient soft skills are communicating effectively with people, managing my workflow while staying organized, and directing a team to completion of a project. These skills have helped me excel at the jobs I have had and provided me the resources to excel these skills. During my time at Walmart I had to work as a team every single day, and communicating with these people were a must. If there was no communication our team would not have been able to function as efficiently as we would need it. That is why when there was a rough day, or some form of life event would bring a member down it would affect the whole entire team.

Poor soft skills were apparent in my workplace throughout the people, and my coworkers. Supervisors couldn’t effectively deal with situations and that led to poor delegation which in turn made for a poor workday. I think that in the hiring process there needs to be a stricter interview to cull the poor choices from the good. Problems arose because the people who would suck up to management would get the promotion while the better candidate would get dismissed due to not being that kind of person.

So dealing with these people can be tough. What can we do in the workplace to show that we are the ones for the job. Push yourself to be an early adopter of change. “For example, adapting to technology without mourning what used to be true yesterday is crucial for people to be seen as someone who is capable of meeting new challenges,” says Garfinkle. Inquire about training sessions and offer to teach your co-workers what you learn.(Bortz) Adaptability is an extremely useful skill when you want to pursue new goals and show that you can indeed do what is asked of you. How can you be adaptable? Learning to accept change and getting used to that change is the exact thing you want to display when using this skill. Take the tech industry for example. There is always going to be new things coming out and having the ability to adapt to these changes effectively will set you apart from any other person not willing to accept these kinds of changes. In conclusion using soft skills come in handy from being a small child to someone walking into the adult world. These skills craft how we can deal with people and excel our own wellbeing! You can take the time and develop communication skills, or you can practice being adaptable. Unlike hard skills these skills take time to learn (unless you are already good at said skill), but in the long run these skills are worth it to try. Any workplace would rather have someone who can effectively communicate, and work as a team compared to someone who can not. So how are you going to take these practices and apply them to the world. Ask yourself how can I improve my skills and get a better job? In the end I think soft skills will always be applicable to anything done in the real world.