Anyone can tell you that trust is an important part of any relationship. No matter if it is a friendship, significant other, or a client. A relationship cannot work if both sides of it are not trustworthy. A prime example of a couple who cannot trust one another are Ryan and Kelly from The Office. Their relationship is extremely toxic and neither one of them trusts the other. They manipulate one another constantly and lie to each other quite often as well. Kelly even went as far as faking a pregnancy to get Ryan to stay with her. Ryan constantly manipulates and uses Kelly. He rarely communicates his feelings with her and when he does, it is in a manipulative way. Below is a video compilation of some of Kelly and Ryan’s best, and worst, moments. Like previously mentioned, trust is an important factor in any relationship, and without it, the relationship could end up something like Kelly and Ryan’s. Yikes.

Trust is a two way street, especially when dealing with a client. Your client has to know they can trust you, but you also have to know that you can trust your client. Your client is trusting you to create a product for them that works properly, is efficient, and is what they wanted. For one of my classes last spring, we worked with a client and created media for him. He was trusting that we would get things done well and in a timely matter. He also trusted that we would communicate with him if we needed anything or had any questions. I believe that my group did this very well. On the flip side, you have to trust that your client will pay you, be honest about what they like and don’t like, and trust that they will reply in a timely manner. Overall, our client for that class was fairly trustworthy. He always told us what he liked and didn’t like, or if we misunderstood anything that he said. He didn’t always reply in a timely manner but we were never waiting around too long. Unfortunately, because it was for a class, we did not get paid. But that is not our clients fault.


The image to the right shows some words that are thought of when thinking about trust. Someone trustworthy is someone who sincerely wants their client to succeed. Wanting to genuinely see them succeed is a motivating factor for creating quality work for the client. When your client knows you want them to be successful it will be easier for them to put their trust in you. They will also feel more confident in knowing that you are able to be trusted. Commitment is another big factor in getting your client to trust you. Showing the client you are committed to seeing the project through to the end is important. The client wants to know that the people they are hiring, and dare I say trusting, will see the project through to the end. Projects do not always go smoothly and may take longer than expected, but it is important to stay committed until it is completed.

Chances are your client is coming to you because they have heard of your reputation and know you create good work. In those scenarios, they are coming in already trusting you at least a little bit. But sometimes, they are going into the situation totally blind and it may take a long time for the trust to be earned. Trust takes a long time to earn but it is very easy to break. When working with clients, we must stay consistent, committed, and reliable.