For being soft skills, they can be pretty hard.

In life in general, there are few things more important than soft skills. Yeah tangible, solid skills are extremely important, but if you don’t know how to bridge those skills in a way so that you can communicate with other people, then they are not as valuable. From what I have gathered over the last few months is that employers would much rather hire someone who is not necessarily as skilled in specific areas of expertise, but has great soft skills than just a hardcore geek who knows an immense amount of knowledge, but can’t talk to another human being to save their life. If you do not have these soft skills, there is still hope for you. These skills may become more natural to some people and they may just be better at them intrinsically. However, they can be learned and they are things that you can get better at and improve on. Luckily the book gives you a good place to start by giving us five soft skills for influencing business people.

Before we dive into what these five things, lets first get an idea of what soft skills actually are. Soft skills are basically your manners and how you hold yourself in public. They are the character traits and interpersonal skills that characterize a person’s relationships with other people. They are basically soft skills, also known as people skills or interpersonal skills. Okay, so now that we know that they are, lets get into the specifics. The first soft skill that the book talks about is to listen to what is important to people. This is the most important skill for reducing the amount of resistance to your influence. If you find out what is important to them, you may be able to cater the way you speak to the way that they learn and understand. This is also an opportunity for you to be able to connect with them in an area that you may have in common. The second skill is to, “Describe a rosy future”. What they mean by this is if there is something that you want to do or have get done, don’t just say what you want to happen. Describe the benefits of how the future could be. This excites the person who you are trying to convince. The third skill is to expose your desire. Basically all you have to do with this skill is to start sentences with “I want” statements. If you don’t actively express your desires, they will assume that you are content with how things are and that your desires are the same as the masses. The fourth skill is to translate facts into stories. Humans love a good story. If you can turn an experience into a good story, then you will be able to communicate more effectively with people in the business world. The fifth skill is to restore trust. Every relationship has problems and you have to know how to fix those problems. This is probably the hardest skill of all of them. There was an entire chapter devoted to just this topic earlier in the book The most basic way I can say of how to take care of this is to be prepared, get the facts, find the feelings, let business partners know you’ve got it, dispute the facts if you have to, frame the problem, handle the feelings, and handle the problem.

I firmly believe that soft skills are the most important thing to have in life. They can help you in situations that you cannot really prepare for. Being able to react quickly on your feet is so important in being adaptable. Soft skills can lead to a lot of success in the corporate business world and also just in your social non-work life as well!