Greatest Salesperson on Earth? You Haven’t Met the Geek!

The geek is a very interesting being. Geeks don’t necessarily think about things the same way others do. This means that when you want them to do a thing or buy a thing from you or really influence them in any way, they will likely act very different towards you when compared to others. I am a geek in many ways and I feel that this is one of those ways. If someone tries to sell me something I will instantly lock up. I know that they are trying to influence me and I don’t want that to happen. I have noticed in my life thought that there are ways to get me to buy something that actually work well. The one that works the best is to try and make it seem like it was my idea to buy it in the first place.

One way to do this is to have the item your selling something close to what I am already looking for. This may be difficult though as If there is a physical person, I would be very apprehensive to telling them really anything. This is why I feel that I would never want to buy from a car dealership. In fact, if I could pay more not to have to deal with a dealer I would. For instance, Tesla. Tesla allows you to buy their cars online. While there are dealers around, in fact there is one hidden in St. Louis if you know where to look, these are few and far between. This is why if I ever want to buy a car new, I will likely get a Tesla. Hoping of course that they will still be around when that happens. I feel that most car manufactures should do this same thing. Even if they don’t promote it. They will have geeks like me looking online for it and if we can’t find it, they may have lost a sale.

While I am only one type of geek, there are many others that work differently. For instance, the nerd. Now nerds are a little different in the fact that they tend to need a whole lot of reasoning behind why they would need an item. Geeks need to feel like they aren’t being used while nerds just want to know “why”? And of course, if the reasons why they should buy something aren’t good enough, then it’s a no. It’s a very firm no. You are not likely to convince them so at that point you might as well just quit. There is no getting past them.

Sales people need to understand that geeks and nerds aren’t just any normal person. You have to come at them strategically. You’d almost have to be an expert on selling to them to get it done. It won’t take long to learn this when trying to sell to them. It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it! The previous tactic that I mention would work for nerds too! You’ve got to convince them that in the end, it as their idea to buy the item or service you are selling.

Something about nerds and possibly geeks, depending on who you know, that can be frustrating when trying to convince them of something is that they tend to be stubborn. Now dealing with stubborn people is difficult sometimes but your best bet when this is happening is to calm yourself down and try to listen more than to speak. Stubborn people tend to always think their way is right even if it’s not. You’re job is to let them talk their way out of thinking this. Of course this only works if you know that their way isn’t the best way. I hope this blog teaches the people reading it the values that you must meet before you can convince a geek or a nerd about anything!