Salespeople people pop up in mind when I hear the word “selling”. Why? It is because at home you have these annoying people that walk up to your door and try to sell you something that you’re not interested. Then they’ll try to convince you that their product they are selling is worth the buy, better yet they just rush to the product line towards you and expect you to buy right off the bat. I remember those times walking down halls looking for food and at the end of the halls there will always be a salesperson giving out samples of food to convince to customers like myself to purchase their product. I’m not going to lie they got me, when they did, they lied to me. How? They make the samples so good and delicious but when you take home the frozen product and try to eat It, well let’s just say it DID NOT TASTE THE WAY AS ITVWAS BEING PRESENTED. 

            Selling, there are many strategies to do so, like so your presence. You are selling yourself to people by what you wear, what you do, and how you do things in a certain way.

Rule number 1: have the ability to influence and persuade. You can not put yourself out there into the world and to be known for what you really are. 

Rule number 2: great sells people understand that it takes three, four, or five “No’s” to actually get to the yes.

Rule number 3: is every sell the same? Well only if you are in control. See once you take control of the encounter, once you learn how, you can now make every sell the same. 

Rule number 4: make an appearance, make the customer feel like you know what you are doing. Know what you are going to say and say it clearly, and to have confidence on what you are trying to sell and how it is beneficial to them. 

What sells really is the transfer of emotion, that’s is what happening when you sell. The primary emotion that is being transfer is “the emotion of certainty”. As a seller you have to feel certain that your product is the best, makes sense, its going to give the best benefits out there. 

But selling is an art which has science behind it to get individuals to believe what your selling to believe that is true. So basically, Selling is nothing but transfer of enthusiasmfrom one person to another. In marketing were going over this topic, and. Professor jane bell speaks about knowing your audience all the time and how important it is to do so. Why? It is simple like deloy pointed out with me and my truck. If I am going to a dealership and I pull up in my truck, they are going to instantly create assumptions that I am into off-roading and four wheel drive vehicles if I am coming in to look at a car instead of a truck.