Selling Your Work

I have never had the opportunity to sell anything to a “geekier” audience. I have sold my services on deviant art before. The things that I learned from that and the things you should know are that in the long run it comes to communication. For geeks that can be really hard due to the nature of them being so reserved, but with some preparation even these people can be drawn in. How though can you do this when communication fails? Whether you’re in it because you love a particular product, or you’re making a web store as a purely profit-driven project, you will need to come up with a plan for identifying and targeting your ideal customer.(Greene)

So what about these customers do you need to know? First you have to figure out the product you are going to sell. Once you have the product you need to figure out the audience that will be attracted to this. These all have major parts in making a successful business. Because you can’t sell anything if you don’t have anything to sell yet! When I was selling stuff on deviant art I would be open to most anything drawing wise. Different types of art would merit different kinds of prices. From sketches, to base colors, to shading there were different options available. I communicated through deviant art’s chat system and sometimes email to figure out these things. I did not have many customers mainly just friends but these moments in time have prepared me to talk about pricing my services.

“I can’t tell you how many things I’ve sold that I literally thought, ‘Nobody is going to buy this,’” says Wolford. “I had athletic shorts that had paint on the side and somebody bought them. I don’t think people realize that somebody will find value in things that you don’t find value in anymore.”

Plus, “you have nothing to lose other than a minute of time from uploading it, and potentially $5 to $50 to gain.”(Wolford) Keeping an open mind on what you want to sell is going to make you feel more comfortable, and the buying party. Because when you sit down to sell something you need to go into it thinking that your product is amazing. Being able to show your confidence makes the buyer think your services or the item is worth looking into. On top of that, you’ve made them create a world where they are customers and have already made a small mental commitment to it. (Efti) This commitment can merit greater results and when you keep asking questions you learn the process that this sale has to go through (if you are conducting business for a larger company.)

So now that you have the customer ready to buy how can you lay the groundwork to keep these people coming back? For me personally I would have that person create a review or give feedback on the service, take the time to check up and see how things are, and create a welcoming environment for meetings and the like. In the long run sales will always come back to being able to communicate, but also knowing the customer and what they need, the services they are primed to look for, and the things that they want.

In conclusion if you take the time to communicate, take the time to research what your audience wants, take the time to study the newest trending thing, and take the time to make sure you are in the best shape that you can be. You will have a more beneficial time marketing your skills and selling your product!