How I imagine a salesperson feels when I get annoyed with them trying to do their jobs.

Sometimes salespeople can be annoying. More specifically, the ones in malls that are by the little carts that constantly pester you as you walk by them. Those salespeople drive me absolutely nuts. Being pushy and annoying is not going to make me buy your hair products or “tricked out” bouncy ball or whatever else is on your cart. All I want is to be left alone so I can shop in peace. That being said, there are some sales people that I do like. Usually the ones that are selling food. It doesn’t take much to convince me to buy food. Especially when desserts and donuts are involved.

Selling can be tricky. It’s important to know who your audience is and how to get your message through to them. A child is not going to receive your message the same way as an adult would. In order to sell something well, you have to tailor your presentation to your audience. In an article I read about 26 habits a good salesperson has, this was one of the habits mentioned. The article talked about personalizing the message so the customer feels valued. Another tip they pointed out was to always solve for your customer. This was one I liked a lot because it’s a good reminder that we should try to fulfill the needs of the client first rather than focusing on the commission of the sale. A client is more likely to keep coming back if they feel like they are not being taken advantage of. Another good point they made was to believe in what you’re selling. No customer will want to buy from you if you are half-heartedly selling something. Having confidence in the product and yourself is very important.

What you are selling may not always be an object or a service. Sometimes you might have to sell yourself in a job interview to make it seem like you are the perfect candidate for the position. Just like in selling a product, confidence is key when selling yourself in an interview. But don’t be too confident, you don’t want to come across as an arrogant know-it-all. Another article I found listed some ways to sell yourself well in an interview. The first tip in the article was to dress the part. You only get one first impression so you better make it count. Whether people like it or not, they are quick to judge others based on their appearance. Another tip they had was to ask unique questions. Doing this requires previous research of the company. So basically, do your homework so you don’t go into the interview blindly. I’m going to include the last point that stuck out to me as a direct quote from the article. The quote is, “Also, avoid using empty clichés, like saying that you’re a “team player” or “hard worker.” Instead, back up your claims with relevant stories that show how you’ve applied your skills in the past.” I think this is a big factor in selling yourself. Anyone can say that they’re a team player, but not everyone is able to give an example of it. Take those extra steps and go the extra mile to show that you are qualified for the job.

Michael Scott talking about Wikipedia being a great resource for information.

The last article I looked at was titled, “13 Thing Michael Scott Can Teach You About B2B Sales.” This article uses some of the best quotes from Michael Scott to highlight some important tips in selling and sales. A lot of the tips mentioned in this article are ones that I mentioned previously in my blog. If these tips work for Michael Scott, they’ll work for you, too.