Skills That be Soft

Establishing a set of essential soft skills is not easy, especially if you are a geek. Because geeks are more logical and analytical, the soft skills are much tougher to acquire than hard skills. However, in order to be a successful influencer there are a few soft skills one must practice towards and master. Below, we will cover the necessary soft skills, but if you are looking for a few tips on how to enhance your own set of skills, click here.

The first skill one must learn is listening. More importantly, listening to what is important to other people. When you do this, you are listening to what really matters to them, not what they are just saying literally. There is a meaning behind everything and being able to listen, and find out what that meaning is, is very important. In terms of influence, you deeply listening to the other person and letting them know that you truly understand greatly influences them. When one feels understood, it causes them to experience pleasure, lots of pleasure. As we all know, pleasure is a great way to influence people. When someone is happy, they are more capable of being influences by you due to the connection you just made. Personally, I always try to make people happy, so it seems as if I am on the right track to becoming a decent influencer.

The next skill is being able to expose your desire. This is where you express your own inner feelings and let your co-workers and partners know what is important to you. There are two main reasons why this skill is important. The first is people become a little suspicious of people who have no wants. Like come on, everyone wants something. When you don’t express your thoughts, people think you make decisions and hide those decisions from them. This leads to a lack of trust and influence. Reason number two is that when you express your thoughts, along with your co-workers, agreements can be reached must easier. When no one speaks up, conversation becomes dead and dreadful. No conversation turns into no chance to influence. Personally, I need to work on this, I am usually all listen and no expression, looks like I have to revoke my previous statement above about being on the right track (sad emoji).

The final soft skill one must learn is the ability to restore trust. It is commonly known that relationships suffer every once in a while. People drift apart due to stressful projects and other work situations. However, it is important that you do the best you can to restore the relationship swell as the trust that binds it. Your hard skills are not enough to restore relationships and trust, so it is very important that you are aware of this one soft skill. In my short lifetime on Earth, I have never had a relationship based on trust that has failed. My mom says she is losing trust in me sometimes, but I think she is just clowning around, hopefully maybe.

Conclusively, soft skills are very important for anyone. Managers, employees, students, business owners, etc, everyone can benefit from soft skills. In fact, famed author Peggy Klaus once stated, “Soft skills get little respect but they will make or break your career.” It is not just me preaching that these skills are important, everyone believes they are. Except for some geeks. They need to accept that hard skills cannot accomplish everything and that soft skills create influence. Here is a list of additional soft skills one could benefit from.