Soft skills

In the workplace there are many things we need to do and have for us to accomplish our job. In order to be qualified for many jobs it is the hard skills you acquire through life that will allow you to complete certain task. These skills can be learned easily in order to complete tasks at a job. Soft skills however, are different than hard skills, you cannot be trained to learn them easily and are usually already innately in you. Hard skills are mainly needed in jobs when soft skills are a plus in having certain ones.

When looking for a job, companies will be looking for both hard and soft skills that you have. These skills can help you land that job you have been looking for. It is best to show your interviewer that you have the skills necessary for the job. To do this you will have to show you have both soft and hard skills. The problem with this is soft skills are sometimes hard to demonstrate you have them. With hard skills, you can tell them what skills you have like knowing HTML and show them by using it. You cannot really show you have the soft skill of flexibility. What you need to do is tell the person about a time you used the soft skill. This can demonstrate you have the skill and remembered how you used it.

Soft skills, unlike hard skills, are more beneficial to you in the future of your career. Hard skills will maybe get you the job you wanted in the first place because it needed certain proficiencies in JAVA and HTML. The more hard skills you train yourself to learn will not advance you into better positions at your job. IF you have good soft skills it can push you up the job ladder into higher positions at a company. These skills will help you be better with people and will make them like you more. Some examples of good soft skills are listening, work ethic, teamwork, and etc. The more of these skills you have the better you can be at leading others and getting paid more. When you are able to use soft skills efficiently it will make you more influential to others because these skills give you the ability to understand others needs. In return, you can use soft skills to show your boss that you are the one deserving of the promotion.

In the end, hard and soft skills are needed in the workplace. Hard skills are ones we can acquire through training. Soft skills are very hard to teach someone how to use and are mainly already built within us, we just need to find out through experimenting which ones we have. Hard skills are good to get jobs that require them, but the further up the promotion ladder you go the less hard skills you will need and use and the more soft skills are required to complete tasks.