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Mitch Thompson Graphic Design Specialist
Matthew Kerle Director of Engineering
Morgan (Johnson) Gilmore Graphic Designer
Glenn Owens Lighting and Video Tech
Brooke (McIntire) Smith Graphic Designer
Chase Castaldo Sr. Software Engineer
Matthew Wright Analyst, System Administrator
Austin Schumacher Producer
Chase Ribble LR/MCE Instructor Pilot
Jessamy Carruthers Senior Product Owner
Logan Shaw Associate Art Director
Rebekah (Dothager) Simmonds Licensed Realtor
Rebecca Conner Tech Support / Workflow Supervisor
Kevin Autenrieth Digital Analyst
Ashley (Feezor) Meadows Senior Product Designer
Joey Seabaugh Quality Assurance Engineer
Noah Henry Senior Business Analyst Third Party Reject Automation
Joshua Lawrence IT Tech
Taylor Likes Director of Media Ministries
Ben Isaacs Creative Video Producer/Editor